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Boredom Busters Engage Lick Mat - Green

Boredom Busters Engage Lick Mat - Green

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The Boredom Busters Licking Mat is great for cat & dog anxiety relief and curbing destructive behaviour during stressful times. Multiple suction cups allow the mat to affix firmly to any smooth surface and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. It can attach to flat, non-porous surfaces including your shower walls for a tasty bath time distraction.


-Effective distraction while grooming your pet, trimming nails, or bathing

-Reduce boredom and stimulate your pet

-Has 2 unique surface patterns that help promote fresh breath, healthy teeth & gums by scraping harmful bacteria from the tongue and stimulating saliva production

-Helps to improve digestion & reduce bloating by slowing down eating and prolongs enjoyment of special treats

Made in USA

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