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Honeysuckle Haze - Honeysuckle & Catnip Blend - 26 g

Honeysuckle Haze - Honeysuckle & Catnip Blend - 26 g

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Honeysuckle affects cats and what a fun effect it is! Cats are stimulated by honeysuckle and exhibit the same uninhibited playfulness and antics they do when under the influence of catnip. We picked the purrrfect Honeysuckle and mixed it with our organic catnip or the blend experience of nine lifetimes. Lucky kitties!

Stuff a pinch in the pouch on the side of a Meowijuana toy or sprinkle on your cat's favorite bed, scratcher, or the floor and watch them roll around in delight.

Contains approximately 52 servings and offers 26 grams of premium catnip (ground) and honeysuckle.

***Not for human consumption. This product does not contain Marijuana, THC or CBD.***

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