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Pig Ears - Ap

Pig Ears - Ap

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Large, long-lasting, and irresistible texture: Pig Ears are a delight for all dogs!

These crunchy treats are packed with tasty protein and Omega fatty acids. As your dog chews on a delicious pig ear, they’re also clearing away plaque while indulging in a treat that gives their coat a lustrous shine and aids in joint health. Protein-packed treats also help dogs build muscle and maintain heart health. A great way to engage light and medium chewers of all ages. Pig ears are minimally processed, never bleached or chemically treated. 100% digestible and 100% better than rawhide. 

  • Light and medium chewers
  • Help remove harmful plaque buildup for cleaner teeth and fresher breath. 
  • Rich source of protein for strong muscles and a strong mind 
  • Odor-free and fully digestible 
  • Single-ingredient: Natural pig ears 
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